Like I said in my last post, a lot has been going on recently. Just a few weekends ago we had the chance to visit the Museum of Ice Cream while it was still in LA. Okay, so our visit was not by “chance.” I was literally on my computer the second they added additional tickets to this place because they completely sold out the first time around. If you didn’t know, the Museum of Ice Cream was the place to be this summer in LA and with all the hype surrounding it we just had to go.ย 

So, was it worth it??

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In just a few hours I am going to be in Palm Desert, sipping, lounging, and of course, chasing my little ones in and out of the pool. As of today, I am in total VACATION MODE. Never mind work, cleaning, and packing, which I am dreading the most! What is it about packing when you have children that make it exciting, daunting and terrifying all at the same time?? Forget one specific outfit or toy and the vacation is “ruined” according to your six-year-old. I swear she is such a drama queen. Luckily I have a way of combattingย such forgetfulness that this momma is so prone too, lists! Yes, before packing I will sit, with a pad of paper and pen in hand, and make a complete list of everything that I need to bring. Shirts, shoes, toothbrush, diapers, wipes, bathing suits, toys…you get the idea. Anyone else write these little vacation packing lists, or is it just me?
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