Los Angeles.

A city of 4 MILLION people. The second most populated city in the ENTIRE nation. It’s busy, congested, fast-paced, and not all of it is pretty. Sound like a nightmare? Believe me, it can be.

Although getting away is just a short drive in any direction. Being able to wake up and decide to take a vacation isn’t always an option. Instead what you could do is take a little timeout. No, not like face the corner type of timeout. I’m talking like an adult timeout. A mental break from it all.

How is that even possible in one of the most populated cities? Well, there are actually many beautifully serene places within LA if you take the time to look. So if you’re in need of a few options that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, here is what you can do:


When you picture Los Angeles’ coastline what do you see?  Santa Monica? Malibu? I thought so. What if I told you there was an equally stunning coastline that was less crowded, equally beautiful, and made you feel you were transported to the Mediterranean. Would you believe me? Well, there is and it happens to be the Palos Verdes coastline and cliffs.

Now, I know there are few things that beat cruising down PCH through Malibu and Santa Monica. But let’s be real. “Cruising” down PCH is more like bumper-to-bumper traffic. Relaxing? I think not.

That is why the Palos Verdes coast reigns supreme. Not only do you get stunning views of the SouthBay, but there is literally ZERO traffic. Whether you decide to hike one of the many trails. Or even just wander the rocky coastline. The Palos Verdes coast should be on your list of places to visit when you need some serenity.

terranea resortRELAX WITH A SPA DAY

If you’re looking to pamper yourself and a mental vacation at the same time, try planning a spa day. Believe it or not, many hotels offer Spa packages to non-hotel guests. An added bonus to booking a spa retreat is the complimentary hotel amenities. Maybe a champagne bottle or two? A chance to hang out at the pool?

YES, please!

Here are a few local hotel spas to consider:

Hotel Bel Aire

Langham Hotel 

Terranea Resort

Shutters on the Beach (check out that Local’s special!)


Take a hike? I thought we were trying to relax??

Actually, it’s been proven that being outside actually improves your mental health and helps to reduce stress levels. A hike isn’t sounding so bad after all, is it?

Plus, getting some exercise, extra vitamin D, and enjoying some amazing sights is just the cherry on top!

Here are five hikes in LA if you’re looking to reconnect with nature:

  1. Malibu Creek State Park
  2. Los Leones Trailhead
  3. Eaton Canyon
  4. Sam Merrill Trail
  5. Sand Stone Peak


Yes, those actually exist.

If you need a day in contemplation, check out the Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in the Pacific Palisades. Relax as you walk the lakeside paths and breath in the solitude of the tranquil gardens. Entrance to the Fellowship Lake Shrine is free and open to the public. Just make sure to go over the visitor guidelines since it is a place of worship for some.

If the Lake Shrine is a little too zen for your liking, there is another option. The Peace Labyrinth in Jefferson Park offers a peaceful sanctuary with a little less focus on spiritual. “Breath in peace” as you listen to the water cascading from the fountains. Reflect as you walk through the manicured gardens. You could even spend your time touring the Italian Renaissance villa admiring the beautiful art and architecture. However you chose to relax, just make sure to book your complimentary reservation before you go.


Know of another great spot in LA to take a “timeout?” Give me all your suggestions in the comments below. Oh, and don’t forget to check out my new segment ‘Friday Favorites!’

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