(So I had planned to have this post out before our trip but obviously, that did not happen. So just acted surprised, okay?)

We’re going to PUNTA CANA!!! The girls and I depart in less than a week and let’s just say I’m been in “vacation mode.” I started packing two weeks ago. Can you tell I’m excited?? This is our first time to the Bahamas and Holland’s first international trip so it’s kind of a big deal for us.

Anyways, I recently shared some of the suits I purchased over on my Instagram and there was a unanimous vote for a blog post! So here it is; a vacation packing checklist of everything I plan on taking for myself and the girls.




So let’s just start with saying I am NOT an over-packer. Not to say that I’m efficient or claim to have mastered the art of packing but, for whatever reason, I tend to pack just what I NEED. If it isn’t essential it’s not going in the bag, plain and simple. So if right now you’re looking over my checklist thinking “that’s it?” all I can say is I’ve warned you.

Alright, with that out of the way let’s get to the fun stuff.


The average temperature in Punta Cana this time of year is around 80 degrees. That being said I plan to spend 99.9% of my time on the beach or by a pool so my wardrobe is mainly going to consist of bikinis, bikinis, and more bikinis. When wearing clothing is absolutely necessary I plan on bringing pieces that are effortless and easily mixed-and-matched.

Here is what I have in mind:

  • Rompers: easy to throw on and doubles as a coverup when you’re by the pool.
  • Jean Shorts: pair with your bikini top and you got yourself an extra outfit!
  • Sneakers: for any type of walking adventures or other activities.
  • ┬áDresses: a few sundresses for the beach and a one formal for dinner.
  • Two Piece Outfits: easy to mix-and-match with other items. (the one pictured above is here.)
  • Plain Tees: great to knot and wear over your swimsuit or paired with shorts.
  • Sandals: a few pairs of slides for the pool/beach and a pair of strappy sandals to pair with my dinner outfit.

Even though it is winter and it’s almost impossible to find summer clothes I LOVE the fact that some companies have dedicated “vacation” sections on their websites! So if you’re headed for warmer temps this winter make sure to check out these store for all your vacation needs: Forever21, Shein, H&M, ShopBop, NastyGal.


When it comes to packing accessories a good hat and a pair of sunglasses are all I truly need. BUT I am really into this whole gold pendant/coin layered necklace look going on right now so I’ll definitely be bringing a few. I may even bring a satin scarf to throw in my hair because who has time to style it while on vacation? OH, and I couldn’t forget a good book and wireless headphones to enjoy in the plane and poolside.


This might be the only area I may tend to overpack, especially when it comes to skincare. I’m finally at that age where skin care has become VERY important. So all the products that consist of my daily regime will be traveling with me. Plus, both my girls have sensitive skin that is prone to dryness, so this momma keeps all the moisturizers on deck. Not to mention the change in climate, sun exposure, and other outdoor elements, I plan to be fully prepared.


  • Sunblock: MUST.
  • Makeup: mascara & bronzer is all I really care to bring. OH & my Nars Radiance Primer with SPF!
  • Moisturizers: vitamin E, coconut oil, Neutrogena Body Oil, and a travel size lotion.
  • Tanning: Banana Boat Tanning Oil
  • Aloe Vera
  • Chapstick
  • Leave in Conditioner: so the pool chlorine doesn’t destroy our hair
  • Bug Repellant: no one wants to deal with itchy mosquito bites



When it comes to packing for the girls I have one motto: keep it simple. The only “extras” I take along are the toys and electronics that will keep them busy while traveling. When it comes to clothes I stick to all the essentials because let’s be honest, they’re going to LIVE in their bathing suits. Other than some sun-protective accessories (i.e. hat, sunglasses, sunblock) their suitcases are will mostly be comprised of rompers and sundresses. Not only will the girls be able to slip their outfits on and off (convenience), but there are no “planning” outfits (time-saver)! No fuss = more relaxation/Pina Coladas for this momma. It’s a win-win all the way around.

Shop the girl’s packing essentials here:


When packing for a trip that involves your kids all I can say is keep it simple. Bring only what you need and try to narrow down what to pack by making a list of essentials. Streamline, streamline, streamline!

Remember, the less you stress about packing the more time you have to look forward to your trip!

Do you have any packing tips of your own? Or a list of essentials when packing for vacations??

I’d love to hear! Leave all your packing tips and trick down below.

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