I did it and I have no regrets. I finally chopped off my hair! There was such an amazing reaction on Instagram that I figured why not do a tiny post on it. Plus, this is the shortest my locks have EVER been in my almost 30 years of existence so it needs to be properly documented.


long hair


As you can see, it had been well over a year since I had a haircut. Needless to say, my hair grew like a WEED during that time. So much so that I had hair to spare. Which got me to thinking, why should I let it go to waste?? That’s when I realized that these locks needed to be donated.


hair style


Initially, I was just going to donate to Locks of Love because it was the only hair donation organization I really knew of.  But I have conflicting statements concerning the organization selling hair. So I decided to seek other organizations that would create a wig for a child FREE of cost. That’s when the real research again.

You would be surprised just how many organization charge patients for the hair donations. After browsing the internet for a while I found the Childhood’s Leukemia Foundation but quickly realized that they no longer took hair donations. But I was on the right track! There are organizations that will donate wigs and hairpieces to children at no cost to the families. I finally decided to donate my hair to Children With Hair Loss.

Backed by St. Baldrick’s Foundation, another great organization that raises money for childhood cancer, Children With Hair Loss seeks to provide “hair replacements at no cost to children and young adults facing medically-related hair loss.” Another great aspect of this organization is that the accept hair donations of 8 inches and up. Other organizations require at least 12 inches or MORE!


Whether you are thinking about chopping your own luscious locks off or simply just want to donate to childhood cancer patients, here are a few foundations to consider:


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