Okay, so I have a confession, I am obsessed with skin care.

Moisturizers, facial mists, oils, sheets masks, cleansers, you name it and I’ll try it.

But this was not always the case.

From my teens through my twenties, skincare didn’t mean much to me. I would wash my face with whatever soap was handy and slap on some zit cream.  Fast-forward to present day and I am now that lady with twenty plus bottles of creams in her medicine cabinet. Okay, so I may be exaggerating, but I have definitely stepped-up my skin care game for the better.

So if you’re obsessed with skincare just like I am or are just curious about what products I use, then you’re in luck, this post is for you!

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So first things first.


Your skin is not just skin. It is actually one of the biggest organs of your body. Just like your heart, liver, etc benefits from a healthy lifestyle (i.e. good food, LOTS of water, exercise, plenty of rest) so does your skin. So if you’re experiencing any skin problems or just want that healthy ‘glow’ you must start treating your skin from the inside out. One of the best books I read that elaborates on how you can eat your way to better skin is Skin Cleanse: the simple, all-natural program for clear, calm, happy skin. The author and dietitian, Adina Grigore, goes into great detail on how foods and your diet impacts your skin. She even shares her favorite natural skin care DIY products and the best foods to help nourish a healthy glow.

Interesting, right?

Well now that we know how to take care of our skin from the inside, let us discuss how we can help it on the outside.


Now we all know that the skincare industry can be very intimidating. Not only can it be pricey but there are million-and-one things to chose from. So how do you know if you need an intense moisturizer or just a light facial oil? Is eye cream even necessary and what about those sheet masks that are all over the internet?? Well in order to answer these questions and help prevent you from buying unnecessary products, you must know your skin type. Like really know your skin type.

How would you describe the texture of your skin? Do you tend to get oily? Where and when does it happen? Do you suffer from breakouts? Is your skin sensitive to certain products or environmental changes? What is your skin tone?

Believe it or not, these are just some of the questions you should be asking yourself before you even consider buying any products. It is important to know what works best for your skin before you go about treating it.


Believe it or not, my skin type has drastically changed since my teens/early twenties. I was far from #blessed when it came to the skin department. Throughout high school, I actually suffered from horribly oily and acne prone skin. And no, I am not just being dramatic. While all my peers would suffer from the occasional embarrassing zit, my face, back, and chest were covered in them. My mom and I tried every store bought remedy and even consulted multiple dermatologists but nothing seemed to work. Finally, after being disappointed by all topical remedies, my mother decided to put me on Accutane.

While the drug was super controversial and had some serious side effects for some users (death and severe birth defects), it actually worked WONDERS for me. Since finishing the treatment is I no longer deal with embarrassing skin problems. I have also noticed that my skin is a lot less oily, which can be a good and a bad thing. While I no longer have to treat my t-zone for that oily “shine,” I do tend to need to moisturize a lot more frequently.

So what do I consider my skin type now?

Well, I’d have to say my skin is moderately dry (with my driest areas tending to be my chin and jawline) and nonsensitive. But this is all depending on the climate and time of the month. I have come to notice that my skin will dry out even more so when I am in a less humid climate (compared to LA). And, like most women, the closer I get to my time of the month, I will experience a few breakouts. But nothing that a little tea tree oil can’t fix. But more about that later.

Actually, I take that back, let’s talk about the fun stuff.



Now that you know your skin type and can identify your problem areas, let’s discuss skin care products. But before we begin, I just want to make one thing clear.  I am no skin care expert. Not all these products I am about to recommend may work for you or your skin type.  As with any new product, always test it out to see what works best for you.

Okay, now that is out of the way, here are a few of my favorite things!

coconut oilCOCONUT OIL

You should already know my love for coconut oil. I literally bathe in this stuff! I use it on my skin, my hair, my teeth, my food, and even on my babies. As for incorporating coconut oil into my skin care regime, I use it both as a makeup remover and moisturizer. It’s literally the perfect 2-1! Since my skin tends to be on the drier side, it just soaks this stuff up. So, for me, it isn’t too oily and doesn’t make my skin breakout. But this may be different for you, so make sure to give it a test drive before fully incorporating it into your skin care regimen.

tarte rainforest of the sea


Next up, the holy grail of skin care products: Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea. I can’t say how much I love this line. Granted I have not tried all the products, but the ones I have I’m OBSESSED with. Seriously, my skin has never felt more hydrated or soft when using these products. Oh, and not to mention the subtle glow my skin gets afterward. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. The only downside is that these products don’t come cheap, ranging anywhere from $22-$39. Luckily, you can find them bundled into various gift sets. Granted you won’t be getting the full-size product but its a great (and cheaper) way to test them out before fully investing all your money.

My go-tos in this line: drink of H2O hydrating boost moisturizer, deep dive cleansing gel, Rainforest of the Sea 4-1 setting mist, pack your bags undereye patches.

face scrubEXFOLIANT

With my skin type being fairly dry, it tends to often look very dull. While moisturizing helps tremendously, sometimes it just isn’t enough. That’s when exfoliating become key to my skin care regime. Personally, I don’t like my exfoliators to be too harsh or abrasive. I prefer something that is more of a grainy texture, almost like sand. Right now I am loving Alba’s Good & Clean Toxin Release Scrub. It gets the job done without being too rough on your skin.


Another great way to get rid of dull skin is to use a facial cleansing brush. I recently bought a 4-1 brush for both body and face and I love it. Use it as an additional way to exfoliate/thoroughly wash your face or as a facial massager to help with puffiness. Whatever way you use it in your skin care regiment, it’s an inexpensive way to keep your skin looking great. I found mine at my local Marshal’s, but you can also buy the exact one here.

sheet maskSHEET MASKS

Not only do I love using these as an added way to pamper my skin, but sheet masks are also a great way to lock in moisture during my regular skin care routine. On nights I have a little bit of extra time to spend, I love following up my regiment by throwing on a sheet mask to make sure my moisturizer really seeps into my skin. But the best thing about these is that you can find them practically anywhere and for as cheap as a dollar! Seriously can’t beat it.


Before I started using cleansing water I honestly thought it seemed a little redundant. I mean, why would you cleanse your face right after you wash it? Shouldn’t your face wash take care of all of that? Well, even the best face wash tends to leave makeup residue behind. That is when the cleansing water comes in. According to the Little Book of Skin Care (which I’ll talk about more in a second), we actually should be washing our faces TWICE. Once to get the majority of the makeup and dirt off and the second time to really make sure our faces are clean.  Once you wash your face you use the cleansing water to get all the remaining debris and dirt off your skin. You know that mascara that ends up under your eye in the morning? Yeah, well the cleansing water will take care of that. Plus, depending on the type, it will even moisturize your skin in the process! Believe me, your skin will be feeling amazing after you incorporate this step.


Okay, so this technically is not apart of my skin care regiment, but it has greatly influenced it! Recommended by some of my favorite bloggers, this book is a such a great read for those, who like myself, thought a skin care regiment was just washing your face. This book breaks down every step of what your skin care regiment should include and why it is so important. It is such an interesting and easy read, you’ll likely finish it in a day or two.


How I was not recommended this stuff when I was younger is beyond me. I seriously feel like this is the best-kept secret when it comes to spot-treatment for acne. Whenever I get a pesky period zit, all I do is pour a bit of tea tree oil on my finger and dab it onto my blemish. When morning comes my zit is either gone or practically nonexistent. I seriously love this stuff so much! But just a warning, this stuff is extremely potent and may be too harsh and drying for your skin, so make sure to test it out before using.

And those are a few of my favorite things!

To purchase any of the products listed above or to view all of my product recommendations, make sure to stop by my Amazon Shop.

Do you have any skin care tips, tricks, or products you can’t live without? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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  • Lovely Blog post. I always find my face quite a confusing thing to work out in regards to what it is lacking and what skin type I am, it’s all depends on a number of factors. I love how you explained you skin type and then showed what your skin routine is.

    Steph x

    • Thank you for taking the time to read! Hope I was able to help you out figure out your skin type, even just a little bit.

    • I LOVE all their products! get a small gift set to test it out and it’d usually fairly reasonably priced.

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