June has finally arrived and summer is just around the corner! That being said, I have already begun to plan different activities to keep the kids and I entertained during those long summer days. While we’ll be frequenting the beach and park quite often, I have tried to think of other activities that are both educational and fun. So as a sort of “test run” of said activities, I recently took the girls to visit the Lomita Railroad Museum. While I was super enthusiastic about our impending visit, Hayden (my oldest) didn’t seem to be thrilled with the idea. Lucky for me, her tune changed once we arrived.

Unless you know where you are going, it is very easy to miss the Lomita Railroad Museum. Even with directions in hand, I almost drove right past it.

Quaint and tucked in a quiet neighborhood, the Lomita Railroad Museum is a great spot for anyone interested in the history of the United States railroad system. With antiques, artifacts, signage, and working models, this little museum has everything covered. 

When entering the facility, visitors are asked to pay a nominal admission fee of $4 for adults and $2 for children 3-12 years old. Guests are then permitted to wander the “depot,” a reproduction of Boston & Maine’s Greenwood Station at Wakefield, Massachusetts, and discover treasures from the past. But once you step outside, that’s when the fun begins. 

With a Southern Pacific Steam Locomotive, oil tender, UnionPacific caboose, Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe caboose, and water tower the Lomita R.R. Museum is quite the place to explore.

The highlight of our visit was climbing aboard the steam locomotive. Being able to see all the gizmos and gadgets the conductors have to operate became a learning experience for all of us. Plus, you never would believe how high these locomotives are off of the ground until you’re in the driver’s seat! We also had the chance to explore the insides of both cabooses. Although the interior was a little bare and not very exciting, it was interesting to learn that cabooses housed train workers when on the job. Something I did not know.

Once we were done with the museum, we stopped and took advantage of the large grassy area adjacent to the facility. It was nice to be able to stop and have a few snacks while the kids ran around and got some energy out. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it over to the Annex Park just across the street. But from what we could see it looked like another pleasant spot to enjoy a little break. 

All in all, the Lomita Railroad Museum turned out to be a lot more fun than Hayden expected. Although small, we really enjoyed learning some history and being able to spend some time together. So if you have an hour or so to spare, and you’re in the area, take the little ones and yourself and go visit. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

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