We currently are experiencing some absolutely gorgeous weather over here in LA and I am loving every minute of it! Of course, with all this warm weather I can’t help but want to be outside. So the other day Holland and I decided to step out and enjoy all the sunshine by taking a little trip to see the Morrell House in Redondo Beach.


By now you should know I have a slight obsession with historic homes; Greystone Mansion, Banning Residence, Rosenheim Mansion, Getty Residence, Huntington Mansion, just to name a few. So when I learned of the Morrell House, which is literally just up the street for me, I just had to go and see.

Located in Dominguez Park just inside the Redondo Beach Historical Society’s “Heritage Court”, sits the Morrell House. A mixture of both Craftsman and Queen Anne architecture, the Morrell House is a stunning example of the beach houses of yesteryear. Constructed at the turn of the century and occupied until the 1950s, the house was originally located about a mile or so from its current location. When in 1988, in disrepair and jeopardy of being demolished, the house was acquired by the Redondo Beach Historical Society. After some much-needed renovations and repairs, the Morrell was relocated from North Catalina to where it sits now.

While still in the process of refurbishment, the Morrel House now plays host as a “living museum” where visitors can view the home as it was back at the turn of the century. Along with the Redondo Beach Museum, located in the little yellow Queen Anne house, the Morelle House welcomes visitors on Wednesday (10 am- 1 pm) and weekends (12 pm- 4 pm). So whether you want a dose of local history or just want to admire some beautiful architecture, check out the Morrell House in Heritage Court!


The Morrell House and Redondo Beach History Museum is located at 302 Flager Lane, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. For more information visit the Redondo Beach Historical Society website for more information!

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