Okay, so I have to admit, this post is mainly for me. It is always fun to look back and see where you have gone and where you want to go. And with everyone already talking about their summer plans, I figured why not share a little inspiration. So today I am going to be giving you a look into some of my past trips and talk about what travel destinations are on my bucket list. If you haven’t already planned your summer excursions, like myself, maybe this can give you that motivation you need. If anything, this may just add a few extra items to your own travel bucket list. 


Peter Pan staue
Kensington Park, London, United Kingdom
Jalama Beach, Lompoc, CA
Yosemite National Park, CA
San Francisco, CA
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
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Lake Tahoe, CA
Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru

For me, traveling has always been a part of my life. Every summer, for as long as I can remember, my family would take a trip. Whether it was to visit family in a different state or simply go camping up the California coast, traveling was just something we always did. And while our trips may not have been extensive it instilled in me a sense of exploration. A yearning to see and learn about places and people outside of LA. It was not until I was 16, and had the chance to travel to the UK, that I really got bit by the travel bug. Since then, I have made it a point to travel as much as possible and I am pretty proud of the amazing places I have been. Even with Hayden, and now Holland, my (our) travel checklist continues to grow. We have already visited five states, two National Parks, countless cities, and even managed to make it all the way down to Peru. Next year we plan on visiting Turkey and, at some point, we’ll be in Hawaii since Hayden has been begging us to take her. Speaking of future plans, I think it’s time to dive into some of the travel destinations on my bucket list!

Okay, so before we begin I just want to let you know that these are just some of my top bucket list travel destinations. If I had it my way, I would spend my life exploring every nook and cranny of this earth. But until I somehow find a way to finance a world expedition, these are my top travel destinations.


Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia, October 2011

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Maybe it’s my inner Indian Jones speaking, but I saw a photo almost exactly like this one in a magazine many years ago and it immediately drew me in. I would just love to explore this ancient temple in the middle of the Cambodian jungle.

New Zealand South Island Fiordland National Park Milford Sound

New Zealand

Okay, so I blame another film for making want to visit this breathtaking country. Ever since I saw Lord of the Rings (nerd alert) I could not help wanting to visit and see the natural beauty of New Zealand. From pristine beaches to mountains and rivers, this country is beyond picturesque. 



My children’s grandparents moved to Ankara about six years ago and they have complete fallen in love with Turkey. But it seems like it happens to everyone that has traveled there, well, the ones who I have spoken to anyway. But really, Turkey is steeped in so much ancient history it is unbelievable! It is a cosmopolitan of so many cultures and influences that I can’t wait to visit one day.


The Ancient City of Petra, Jordan

Inner Indian Jones speaking again, but really, look how gorgeous that hand-carved temple is! I would love to one day make the trek through Petra to view the ruins of this ancient city. 



Okay, so by now I am sure you are getting tired of all the historical sites. But if you don’t know how big of a history buff I am, then you do not know me at all.  Not only would I love to see the great pyramids, but to take an excursion down the Nile and visit all the other ancient Egyptian site would be a dream come true.


St. Petersburg, Russia

I have always gravitated to Russian history for some reason, but when I was taking a few courses during my undergrad study and learned the history of St. Petersburg I knew I had to visit. Dubbed the Versaille of Russia, St. Petersburg boasts, in my opinion, some of the most beautifully constructed and decorated palaces outside of France. Which leads us to the next item on my bucket list…


Palace of Versaille, Paris, France

I am slightly obsessed with the baroque and rococo art movement and this is kind of where it all started. I mean, it also wouldn’t be too bad to visit the last residence of Louis IV, Louis XV, and Marie Antoinette. But I mean history aside, just look at the decor and architecture!



Again, with the amount of history and architecture throughout Spain how could I not want to go? I would love to visit Santiago de Compostela and it’s cathedral, pictured above. Not only is it a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it has also been a place of catholic pilgrimage since the 9th century.

The White Cliffs Of Dover Wide Desktop Background

English Countryside

I have already been to London, as you now know, but I would love to see where the rolling green hills meet the sea. Plus seeing all the quaint little villages and pubs would be like something out of a fairy tale.


Savannah, Georgia

I recently started following @visitsavannah on Instagram and I have fallen completely in love with it’s historic core. With the Spanish moss-lined trees and colonial style homes, Savannah looks like the quintessential southern city. It is also rumored to be one the most haunted cities in America.

french quarter carriage

The French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

Another gorgeous and rumored haunted city, The French Quarter in NOLA has been on my bucket list FOREVER. My sister recently went and raved about how great of a time she had. It only made me want to visit The French Quarter even more!

Yellowstone Falls: River, Grand Canyon, National Park, Montana MT

Yellowstone National Park

I would love to get an RV and just camp throughout one of the most well known National Parks in this country.


Patagonia, South America

Not only is it it a beautiful region but you could take an excursion from there to the bottom of the world! How amazing would it be to travel to Patagonia then hop on a ship and end up in Antartica?!

There you have it, some of my top travel destinations on my bucket list! I like said before, I hope I was able to inspire some of you to buy that plane ticket for this summer or at least add a few more places to your own bucket list. Until next time!


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