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I can’t believe my oldest baby is SIX! She is growing up right before me and I’ll I want to do is make time stand still. But before I start crying, let us move on. Okay, so this year Hayden’s birthday fell on a Monday, the first day back to school after Spring Break. Not the best way to spend your birthday, but I guess when you’re in Kindergarten it doesn’t really matter. But still, I didn’t want her to spend the majority of her birthday at school. So when deciding what to do, as far as party plans, I figured why not just have a Birthday/Easter Celebration? That way we could have a full day of celebration and not worry about work or school.

While we were not going to have a big party like we held for Holland, I of course, still wanted to make the day extra special. So I decided to carry on a little tradition that my mom started for my sisters and I when we were younger. 

Every year, especially when we all got into high school and didn’t want to have slumber parties anymore, my mother would wake up early and decorate the kitchen table for our birthdays. She would always have a cake, cards, balloons, and sometimes even flowers. Some years were a little more extravagant than others, like the time we went all out and had an Alice in Wonderland theme tea party schemed table for my sister Kourtney. But regardless, my mom always tried to have just a little something for us just to make us feel special that day. As we got older my sisters and I continued the tradition, with each other and with friends. So naturally, I just had to it for Hayden. 

After gathering up some streamers, the backdrop I made for Holland’s party (super easy to make),  a couple easter related items, and her gifts, this was the end product. Not too bad right? Fun, super festive, and above all else, just for Hayden.


The rest of the day was spent surround by family and included lots of fun. Both my sisters came over in the morning for breakfast, which consisted mainly of donuts, coffee, and candy. We colored eggs, opened gifts, and eventually ended up at the park for our annual family Easter egg hunt. The day ended with dinner at a restaurant of Hayden’s choice. It was a wonderful day and I hope Hayden received everything she wanted and more!

So once again, Happy Birthday my angel baby!

A Little on Faux Easter Eggs

So this was our first year using faux eggs and while I was excited to try them out, it was a bit of a learning experience. First off, let me start by saying that everyone had fun dying the eggs. So it did accomplish that aspect of the activity. But as far as producing extremely colorful and fun easter eggs, it just didn’t happen. While I will admit that the directions on the egg carton suggest using traditional dye, which I will definitely do if there is a next time, we went with tablet dye. While the downfall of using the tablets is pastel colored eggs, I didn’t expect the eggs to be as light as they turned out. At one point it didn’t seem like the eggs were picking up color at all! Which was a little disappointing for everyone. But even though we were left with barely colored eggs, it’s a memento I can keep for years to come. So if you’re thinking about trying out these faux eggs, make sure you use real dye or even paint!



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