So I was sitting here trying to figure out my newest post and decided that I needed some inspiration. Of course, I browsed Instagram, checked Pinterest, and even caught up with my favorite blogs. But for some reason, nothing was coming to me. Casually, I started going through my own photos. Memories started to flood in just from seeing past birthdays, family trips, and little life events and suddenly I was really excited. I guess I had found my inspiration! But it was one past trip in particular that made me stop and feel like I just had to share. So I’m dedicating this post to the travel bug I just got reminiscing about our trip to the Grand Canyon.

For obvious reasons, this was an unforgettable trip. But it wasn’t just because we saw one of the natural wonders of the world. This was a trip I will always remember because it allowed my grandpa to take an item off his bucket list.

For as long as I can remember my Grandpa, or Papa as we all call him, had always talked about visiting the Grand Canyon. As the years went on and he never managed to make the trip himself, he figured it was just something he would never get to see in his lifetime. One day while I was talking with my Cousin and Aunt about planning a family trip, the idea of visiting the Grand Canyon came about. We all knew it had been on my Papa’s bucket list, and since he wasn’t getting any younger, we decided what better time to take him. 

Thankfully my aunt planned everything for a week-long excursion, which would take us from Laughlin, the Grand Canyon, to Las Vegas then finally back home. Once preparations were in order, all we had left to do was tell Papa our little plan. I’ll never forget how excited he was when we told him the news, it was precious. So in February, we set off to see one of the most natural wonders our nation has to offer. 

Now one might think, why February of all months to go? Well let me tell you this, it was the perfect time to go! Not only did we have the canyon to ourselves, practically, but to see the snow on all the ridges was breathtaking. And believe it or not, the weather was somewhat temperate and not too cold at all! Granted, when the wind picked up while walking along the ridge of the canyon it was chilly. But it was nothing that a nice warm winter jacket couldn’t fix! Besides the wind chill factor, the trip was perfection.

The views were everything one would imagine it would be. Even standing on the edge, (you literally can walk out onto a cliff in some places) the view didn’t seem real. I felt like I could just reach out and touch it, like a painting. But nothing beat the view at sunset. The way the light played upon the ridges and highlighted the different colors and textures of the canyon was stunning! I suppose sunrise would be just as beautiful, but I love sleep too much, haha. We all had a wonderful time. But to see my Papa experience something he ever thought he would, especially with two of his great-grandchildren, was by far the best part of our entire trip. 


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