It’s that time of year again, you know that day you dread as you get older. Yes, I’m talking about B-DAY. What is it that once you pass the age of 25 you don’t really want to discuss getting older anymore? I know what you’re thinking,  I’m only in my late 20’s why am I freaking out? And you’re right. But I have this weird thing with time. Just the thought of getting “old” gives me anxiety. Anyway, as my birthday approached this year I wasn’t filled with dread like I usually am. Instead, I feel more confident and comfortable in all aspects of my life. So, if that is something that comes more with age, then I guess turning older isn’t too bad. Okay, enough rambling, let’s talk about the fun stuff.

If you follow me on Instagram you’re already aware of my little birthday brunch celebration. I posted a few pictures but there was a bit more that I wanted to share. So I figured why not just dedicate a post to it. So if you want to know a little who, what, where, when, and why let’s begin!

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This year when my sisters and BFF approached me about my birthday plans I already knew that I wanted; something simple and low-key. I wanted was some good food, a few drinks, and the people who I love. Initially, I was going to have a nice dinner but it just didn’t work well with everyone’s schedule. So after some thought, I figured why not just have brunch? It wouldn’t interfere with anyone’s prior engagements and the best part was I would get everything I wanted: food, drinks, and simplicity. Of course, as soon as brunch had been decided upon I immediately began researching the best brunch spots in L.A.

Obviously, this was not going to be an easy task. With L.A. being such a mecca of amazing food trying to narrow down your choices is absolutely impossible. Lucky for me, my BFF just so happens to be a brunch expert. With my list of potential restaurants in hand and after a few suggestions from her, we narrowed down the contenders and finally decided upon Winsome. 

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Upon walking in I was greeted with a cool and contemporary diner vibe. From the succulents in the window to the emerald green barstools carefully lining the bar, all the details of Winsome were seriously on point. The brunch menu covered all the breakfast essentials, and even then some. And with a cocktail list that featured drinks like “too pretty to carrot,” I knew we had chosen the perfect spot. Thankfully, we were not disappointed.

To start the birthday brunch celebration we started with a few drinks. My cousin and I couldn’t resist the name, so we ordered the “too pretty to carrot.” Made with carrot juice, tequila, blood orange saffron shrub, some lemon, and garnished with a fresh basil leaf and chile rim it was the perfect ‘wake me up drink.’ It seriously tasted like a beach vacation in a glass. I was in heaven! My BFF ordered the Tiki-Novela, which arrived with a flaming garnish. I shared a taste and was pleasantly surprised. Usually, I am not a fan of Mezcal cocktails but this one actually wasn’t too smokey or over-powering, I really enjoyed it. As for my sisters, one ordered a cappuccino and the other a Bloody Mary made with carrot and beet juice. 

Satisfied with our drink choices, we moved on to the menu and decided to order family style. This way we good all enjoy a little taste of everything. Here is what we ordered: bacon, sausage, toast and jam, the fried egg sandwich, coffee cake, the coconut wafer, and the farro piccolo and grilled chicken salad. 

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Everything we ordered was yummy, but I think the table favorite was the farro and chicken salad. An item that we would go back and definitely order again. 

After completely demolishing all the dishes on the table, I was still a bit hungry. But considering we had a few more spots to hit up before the day was through, which I’ll talk about in my next post, I decided to save my lingering appetite for later. 

All in all, I had a wonderful time. The ambiance was great, the food and drinks were good, and the company was superb. It was the perfect way to celebrate another year of life.


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