Hello! It’s Saturday and I’m up bright and early thanks to the littles ones. So I figured why not be productive. I hoped to have this post out a little sooner, considering it’s almost been a week since the party, but I had a case of food poisoning. NOT FUN. Anyways, if you read my last post then you know I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks preparing for Holland’s first birthday party. Well, now it’s time to tell you how it all went! Let’s begin…


I’ll start by saying that the party went exactly how I imagined! There were a few bumps in the road, more about that later, but I couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.

We started the day quite early, considering all that needed to be done (get myself ready, not to mention the little ones, load the car, drive to our venue, decorate/prep food, etc.) All and all it was a bit hectic, but we somehow managed to pull everything off and not forget anything. A real miracle. When I say “we,” I mean my daughters’ grandma and my boyfriend. Without them, I literally would never have been able to put this party together. So a big THANK YOU to them! Anyway, back to the party.

It seemed like everyone decided to arrive fashionably late and at the same time. Greeting everyone, introducing people, and offering drinks all at once was a bit of a whirlwind but it was fun. Once everyone got settled I was able to mingle more and make sure everyone was entertained. For the kids, we had the pool for swimming and had brought various toys to keep them occupied. Besides the view, we provided drinks, music, the football game, and beer pong for the adults. Now I know what you are thinking. Beer bong? A bit unconventional for a first birthday, I know, but we sure did have some fun! The rest of the party went on without a hitch. We barbecued, drank, socialized, and sang ‘happy birthday.’ Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. At the end of the day the kids were exhausted, everyone departed happily, and I was one happy momma. Holland’s first birthday was a success!birthday-party-one-5birthday-party-1

DIY Decorations. Thanks Pinterest!

So that’s how Holland’s birthday went down. But before I go, I thought I’d share 5 things I wish I was better prepared for the day of the party. You can’t always prepare for everything but it’s good to learn from experience! Hope you’ll take something away from mine.

5 Things to Know When Hosting a Party
  1. Have Extra Help– If you think you already have enough help, you’re going to need more. Like I mentioned previously, I owe the success of the party to both my daughter’s grandma and boyfriend. When I was busy decorating and organizing, they were preparing and prepping food. While I was running around trying to finish getting ready, they were there watching the girls. You get my point. Their extra help not only cut down my stress but allowed us to set-up in half the time I thought it would take. Oh, and the same goes for clean up afterward! Thankfully we had a few family friends that were more than happy to assist in clean up. So my suggestion to anyone in the midst of party planning is to ask for extra help! Especially if your event is being held at a venue where you need to be out by a specific time. The extra hands are always needed and will be more than appreciated in the end.
  2. Allow Yourself Time to Get Ready– Somehow I was able to pull this off. I was dressed, hair curled, make-up on, and false eyelashes applied before any guests arrived. A true miracle. This, of course, would have not been accomplished without all the help I received. So make sure the day of the party you allow yourself some time to put yourself together. Not only will it help you feel like you have everything under control but you will look like the perfect host!
  3. Have a Photographer: This is something I totally regret not doing. When you are busy entertaining it’s hard to remember, or even find time, to take photos of everything and everyone. Obviously, this is what happened to me. It only occurred to me near the end of the party that I had not taken one photo! And even when I managed to do so I forgot to take photos of the decorations, cake, and even get a good shot of Holland’s birthday outfit! Some blogger I am, right? Thankfully, my friends and family made up for my deficiencies and snapped a few photos of the things I missed. So whether you want to hire a professional or just designate someone to take photos, make sure you have someone capturing every moment of everything!
  4. Don’t Count on RSPVs: Just because someone says they are going doesn’t mean they will and just because someone sends their regrets doesn’t mean they won’t show. When you have an informal party just know that you can never really count on the guest count. People will cancel last minute and guests may show up with more than a plus one, so just be prepared. Always try to have more than enough food and drinks to make up for the influx. Worst case scenario, you’ll end up with extra food/drinks which always is better than running out.
  5. Don’t Stress: Some things will not go as planned, it’s a given. Case and point, my decorations. I had tested the tape to which I was going to use for my decorations at home and everything went well. Come the day of the party and the tape just did not want to cooperate. Of course, it totally sucked. The DIY decorations that I spent many hours making kept falling off the wall, but what could I really do? Stress about it and let it ruin the party? Absolutely not! One minor flaw was not going to ruin the day or even the party, so I just let it go. In the end, my party didn’t look like the Pinterest-worthy first birthday that I hoped for but my guests enjoyed themselves and that is all that really matters. party-onebirthday-one-partybirthday-one-2birthday-one-1birthday-party-one-3birthday-7birthday-5birthday-party-one-8birthday-party-one-4birthday-6birthday-party-one-7birthday-1

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