A few weeks before all the storms decided to take over California, we were experiencing the best weather here in LA. The temperature was moderate (not too hot or cold), the sky was super clear, and the sunsets were the best I had ever seen. Not wanting to waste such a beautiful day, I decided one Sunday to do some local sightseeing. So I called up my sister, packed up baby, and headed straight for the coast. We found a particularly nice spot on the cliffs of Palos Verdes that had stunning views of Catalina Island and the Southbay. As we meandered along the coast, just talking and catching up, we stumbled upon a little neighborhood church hugging the cliff’s edge. I was immediately drawn to the church’s architecture, so we decided to explore the grounds. Read more


birthday-oneHello! It’s Saturday and I’m up bright and early thanks to the littles ones. So I figured why not be productive. I hoped to have this post out a little sooner, considering it’s almost been a week since the party, but I had a case of food poisoning. NOT FUN. Anyways, if you read my last post then you know I’ve been busy the past couple of weeks preparing for Holland’s first birthday party. Well, now it’s time to tell you how it all went! Let’s begin… Read more



If you know me, then you already know I am not a party planner. In fact, the last party I planned was Hayden’s first birthday nearly six years ago. But it seems now that I am older and have actually embraced the realm of domesticity, party planning has become much more appealing. After casually researching etiquette, the art of hosting, and planning the perfect party I think I’ve gotten a pretty good idea of how this whole thing works. Lucky for me, Holland’s first birthday is just around the corner which is the perfect occasion to embrace my inner hostess. Read more