With the days of 2016 quickly coming to an end, I’ve found myself lately scrolling through my photos reminiscing of what a whirlwind this year has come to be. With so many highs and lows, I thought a review of the past 12 months would be a great way to reflect and bring in the new year. From the birth of our second daughter to the loss of a friend, and everything in between, I’ll be sharing some personal photos and my thoughts of the past year. So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite glass of wine and enjoy!

The first of the year was quite an exciting time for my little family. On January 19th we went from a family of three to four when we welcomed our second daughter, Holland Nicole. She came into the world screaming and she has not stopped since! With big brown eyes and the cutest little smile Holland has stolen all our hearts, especially her big sister Hayden. To have been able to watch them grow and see the bond blossom between them has truly been the highlight of my year.  

Hayden and Holland’s first picture together


Sleepy Heads


February 2016 was quite a busy time for us. Not only did we do some traveling, but we also celebrated my birthday and moved into our new home! We started the month by taking a road trip from Las Vegas, where we had been staying with my mother, to my grandmother’s cabin in Big Bear. Luckily for us, winter had been decent and there was still some snow on the ground when we arrived. It was the first time, in a long time, that I had visited the snow. So I was just as excited as Hayden to build a snowman! But after a lovely week in the snow, some warmer weather was much-needed so we packed our bags and headed to Palm Springs. There we celebrated my 27th birthday and also watched as my youngest sister play one of her last softball tournaments as an Oregon duck. It was the first time in almost a year that I was able to have a drink and just enjoy the company of my entire family. It was the perfect way to celebrate my birthday.

Building Snowman in Big Bear


Holland relaxing in Palm Springs

The next couple of months proved to be just as busy as the first of the year. March was filled with unpacking and decorating the house. Sooner than we knew it the month of April had arrived and we were celebrating Hayden’s 5th birthday!  That day we took a trip to the park and enjoyed lots of ice cream. But of course, no fifth birthday would be complete without a trip to Disneyland! So we went, just the three of us. It was a day I know we will always remember.


May and June proved to be filled with more travels and two graduations. In the middle of May, we took our first family trip up to Oregon to visit my sister Koral. There we joined her as she played her last home game and celebrated the end her college softball career. Before we knew it we were back home, celebrating the graduation of my other sister Kourtney. In June we headed back up to Oregon for Koral’s graduation. This time our trip was longer and we were able to visit the Oregon Coast and even made our way up to Vancouver, WA. Although all the traveling was fun and exciting I was more than ready to welcome a slow, relaxing summer.


The new Jane Sander’s Stadium at University of Oregon


Kourtney’s Graduation


Koral’s Graduation
Swimming at Nana’s


As August rolled around we decided it was time for Holland’s first trip to Disneyland. I know she will not remember any of it but Hayden and I sure did have fun taking her on all our favorite rides. Before we knew it summer had come to an end and Hayden was off to school. I was so nervous but nothing seemed to phase her. She was so excited to make friends and have homework that her first day was a breeze. She continues to love school and has progressed tremendously.


By the end of the year, our family had celebrated a lot of firsts.  The girls shared their first Halloween together and Holland celebrated her first Thanksgiving and Christmas. Although the holiday season was good to us, we experienced a tragic loss during this time. Due to an unfortunate accident, we learned that our dear family friend Ernie Carrillo had passed away.  Even now I find it hard to put into words the loss we felt. He was an amazing, kind, and fun-loving soul that will forever be missed by my family. But it is because of this loss that I have found a new appreciation for life and all those that I love. So for that, I am thankful.


Trick-or-treating with the cousins


Baby Hayden sharing her first kiss with Ernie
Decorating the Christmas tree


So many presents!
Some of the family

So that was 2016 in a nutshell. There were so many moments that I will treasure and many that I will never forget. From traveling to watching my babies grow, it was a year that I will always remember. While we celebrated many accomplishments within the family I only hope there will be more to come. So here is to 2017 being the year of health, love, and family.

Happy New Years Everyone!  

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