If you don’t already know I love history. It has been an obsession of mine for as long as I can remember. From antiques to art I am totally fascinated by anything that has historical significance. So when it came to choosing the location for this year’s family photos it really was a no-brainer! Why not capture these precious moments at one of my favorite local museums; I mean, what could really be better??

Now usually getting the approval to shoot at a location like this takes time and even some money. Thankfully I had a bit of pull, since I had volunteered there not too long ago, and was able to get the approval within a few day! You don’t know how excited I was for this. The house itself is absolutely gorgeous, but to think that I was able to have my family photos taken there gave me butterflies. So after a few weeks of settling final details, arranging times with my lovely friend and photographer Erica, and fussing over what the girls and I would wear, the day had finally come.

Now if any of you have little ones and have taken family photos, you know how much work it really is. Of course, you envision the kids acting accordingly, smiling and behaving, and every picture turning out just perfect. But this idea could not be farther from the truth. Of course, the kids never comply; they get bored and want to leave, they won’t smile or even look into the camera, and conveniently have to use the bathroom when there isn’t one around. Which only prolongs the photo shoot and makes everyone a little cranky. But thankfully there are tiny moments of perfect smiles and when your hair looks just right that any good photographer will be ready to capture. Luckily for me, I have such a photographer and between the tears and tantrums, she was able to produce some amazing shots. So without further adieu, I present our 2016 family photos!


All photos shot by Erica Adams of Erica Adams Photography


Location, Location, Location!

The Banning Residence Museum is located in Wilmington Calif. and is open to the public for tours Tuesday-Thursday, as well as, Saturday and Sunday. This beautifully preserved house, built in 1850, was home to General Phineas Banning father of the Port of Los Angeles. It is one of the only Greek Revival styled homes in all of California and plays host to a variety of antiques of its era.

For anyone in or around the area I highly suggest taking some time to go and visit. Tours are technically free but a nominal donation of any kind is greatly appreciated. Guided tours discuss the historical significance of the house and delve into the Banning family history. Visitors will explore the entire house and will also be allowed access to the barn which houses a collection of stagecoaches.

For more information please visit the museum’s website at


All photos are the property of Krystal Costa. No photos may be used or reproduced without owners consent.



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