Is it just me, or do any other mothers out there dread hearing: “Mom what are we doing today??” Without fail that is the question I get asked every weekend from my oldest daughter Hayden. I’ll be honest, most of the time my answer is “I don’t know” or even better “It’s too early leave me alone.”

Between helping her with homework, errands, housework, soccer practice, not to mention the lack of sleep I get thanks to my youngest one, I am exhausted by the end of the week. The last thing I think about is how I am going to entertain my kids when we have some free time. Granted, most of the time our weekends are packed with trips to Disneyland, birthday parties, and visiting family but on the rare occasion, we aren’t busy I just want to relax. Unfortunately, when you’re a mother there is no “relaxing,”  instead I try to keep our day as simple as possible. These are the times when a quick trip to our local park is in order. Luckily, I found a park that was not only fun for the kids but provided an amazing view for my own enjoyment.

If you live near the Southbay I highly recommend taking the family to Los Arboles Park in Torrance. Tucked on a hillside in a quiet neighborhood Rocketship Park, as it’s known by the locals, offers panoramic views of Los Angeles and plenty of jungle-gyms to keep the little ones busy. Did I mention it has one of the last remaining metal rocket-ship play structures (hence the nickname) standing at over 28-feet-tall?? So grab a few snacks, a bottle of wine for yourself, and a picnic blanket and go enjoy that view!

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